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We are Gray Lab, a digital agency that offers high-quality innovative and creative solutions for all our clients. Based in Barcelona for the whole world.

Our team of experts in graphic design, audiovisual production and digital marketing will be in charge of meeting your needs efficiently with a focus on results.


For us, the satisfaction and success of your business is paramount. Therefore, we use the best resources and the latest technologies to guarantee the quality and originality of our services.


We are sure that you will be delighted with our work and the attention we will provide you. Gray Lab is the digital agency you have been waiting for.



The name "Gray Lab" is a tribute to the richness of gray balance in photography, inspiring an agency that embraces the full range of hues in the digital world. Gray Lab emerges as a photographic production agency, standing out in creativity, innovation and commitment to providing high-quality solutions on a global level.


Given the growing demand, we have diversified our services including digital marketing, graphic design and web design. From our base in Barcelona, we celebrate cultural diversity, with a multicultural team that reflects the global nature of our services.


Focused on results, we understand that your success is our priority, committing ourselves to providing efficient solutions that exceed expectations. We maintain excellence through advanced technologies, offering cutting-edge services in digital marketing, audiovisual production and graphic design. At Gray Lab, we are not only looking for satisfied clients, but also enthusiastic ambassadors of our digital solutions, confident that you will love our work and personalized attention.


Gray Lab is not just a digital agency; is your partner on the path to digital success.


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