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Web design development

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Somniorum, a company dedicated to personal and spiritual development through the exploration of intuition, set out to enhance its digital presence through a platform that was not only educational and informative, but also engaging and easy to navigate. The platform was to serve as a comprehensive resource for those interested in developing their intuitive skills, offering varied content including additional therapies, practical exercises, meditations and a blog, all supported by the guidance of Ana, an expert on the subject. • DESIGN CHALLENGES: - Differentiation from Competitors: Somniorum needed to stand out from the competition while also differentiating itself from its own previous website, which lacked a solid design structure and coherent narrative. - Visual Identity Modernization: The redesign had to adapt to Somniorum's new visual identity, which included a more vibrant color palette and chromatic contrasts, while maintaining the epic essence of the brand. • DESIGN SOLUTION: - Chromatic Contrasts and Bold Text: To modernize the platform, bolder chromatic contrasts were implemented compared to the previous design. Darker backgrounds with light text were chosen for a fresh and distinctive look, making it easier to read and navigate. - Featured Space Design: Featured areas on the home page were designed to highlight important content, such as additional therapies, upcoming events, and user testimonials. This allows visitors to quickly find relevant and engaging information. - Smooth Transitions and Intuitive Navigation: Smooth navigation was developed between the different sections of the platform for a seamless user experience. Clear tours have been implemented that guide users through the content, encouraging them to explore and participate in interactive activities.

Health & Wellness
Barcelona, Spain
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The redesign of Somniorum's digital platform has generated tangible results by providing a more attractive and functional experience for users, which translates into greater retention and participation in the content offered. By adapting to current design trends and maintaining consistency with the brand's visual identity, the importance of balancing modernization with fidelity to the brand's essence has been demonstrated. This experience highlights the need to deeply understand the needs and expectations of users to create a design that is both visually striking and intuitive in its navigation, thus strengthening Somniorum's position in the personal and spiritual development market.

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